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    Access all areas…

    When local group Provincial Media decided to develop a bridal magazine dedicated to the Geelong region, naturally, we jumped at the chance to be involved. What better place to launch a wedding publication than at a premium waterfront wedding (and events…!) venue? And what better time than our 5-year anniversary – giving us the opportunity… Read more »

    Mum’s the word

    The day of Mums is fast approaching – Can you believe we’re three quarters of the way through April and almost one quarter of the way through the year? Yep, I’ll let that marinate for a moment…. Crazy! For those of you scratching your heads at to the exact date of Mothers Day, let it… Read more »

    Its child’s play, really….

    While suiting or dressing up for a special occasion may be exciting to the big kids, sometimes formal events can take their toll on little minds leading to boredom and mischief.Events held in outdoor spaces are great for little people to run around, explore, play… and exert some energy, however if your event is taking… Read more »

    Annnnnd…. we’re back!

    HELLO dear friends of The Pier Geelong! We’ve been a bit quiet of late…. And with good reason. Truth be told we’ve been all loved up. And I mean loved up in a big way – it’s wedding season, you see, and well, with weddings come a lot of last minute changes and additions along… Read more »

    The Best Seat in the House….

    Wedding season rolls on and one item that often needs the most attention, but is often the least appealing, is creating the seating plan. I hear you groan as you either a) recall putting this together for your own wedding, and remember many a stand-off with your now husband/wife over who was sitting where and with whom or b) because… Read more »

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