2010 vs 2020 Wedding Trends

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As the 2010’s come to a close and a new decade is just about to begin, we take a look at just how much the wedding trends have changed over the last 10 years and what’s set to shape the next 10 years of wedding styling with a comparison of 2010 vs 2020 wedding trends!


Wedding dresses –

2010 was all about big puffy wedding dresses, with the classic looks including layers of floaty tulle, white organzas & chiffon. Brides were going back to more traditional styles and veils were back in fashion in a big way.

2020 is set to bring a whole new interpretation of the classics, with fresh alternatives to the white gown brides have donned for years. Bridal jumpsuits, thigh high splits and swapping white for shades of blush is all the rage coming into 2020 as brides look for more ways to showcase their personality on their special day. Though, tradition is not going anywhere either this decade.  Full coverage gowns and minimalism are still big trends off the back of Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding look.


Suits –

2010 saw grooms in classic, timeless dark toned suits. Colour matching the themes of the wedding to a tie or incorporating the florals in a boutonniere was a must for most wedding parties. Pops of beige and burgundy were coming through every now and then but the dark tones were certainly the most popular for this year.

This new decade is bringing more variety to men’s wedding fashion. Linen suits, velvet jackets, patterned sets and stone wash colours are all going to be big in 2020. Just as bride’s are making their wedding attire more reflective of their own style, groom’s are also more fashion conscious than ever before and know exactly what they want and how to make it work for their wedding day.



Florals –

2010 floral arrangements almost always included roses and colours were kept to a minimum with white & green being the theme of the year, and the decade! Simple was best with florals complementing, but not overpowering, the rest of the wedding decor.

2020 on the other hand is all about non-traditional flowers and making a statement! Dried flowers and bleached greenery are set to be big this wedding season. Though, greenery & white florals aren’t going anywhere fast with this timeless style looking to stick around well into the future.


Colour Pallets –

2010’s most popular wedding colours were turquoise and coral to add splashes of colour to the mainly white or off white decor. White weddings have been a popular choice for decades and adding small pops of colour is a great way to tie all the finer details together to create a personalised theme for the wedding day.

2020 is going to be the year of bright colours, as rich tones start to make their way into wedding themes. Couples are predicted to be steering away from the all-white weddings and are looking to incorporate printed fabrics and bright features in their wedding colour pallets. The colours of the year are Cinnamon Rose, Mellow Yellow and Neo-mint.


Invitations & gift registries –

As people started really utilising the internet in 2010, online invitations became very popular. It was an easy way for couples to keep track of RSVP’s and a cheaper alternative to physical, mail out invitations. Online gift registries also became very popular with couples including links to their gift wish-list on their invitations for easy access.

2020 brings a decade where everything is online and ironically, couples are opting to take things old school with the traditional mailed invitations. Physical invitations are a great way to start setting the tone for what the wedding day will look like, with an opportunity to introduce teaming and colour pallets to guests before the big day. Couples are also opting to ditch gift registries and including wishing wells at their receptions for guests to donate to a honeymoon fund, or the couples’ first home purchase together.


Some trends that started in 2010 have only gotten bigger over the years! Sustainable wedding started creeping in during 2010 and it has since become a very important part of many couples’ wedding day! Couples tying the knot in 2020 are more environmentally conscious than ever and are always looking for ways to include sustainable measure in their special day, including confetti made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, and environmentally friendly bonbonnieres.

Customisation also became key for couples during 2010 and has continued to grow with many wedding suppliers offering completely customisable packages, including us here at The Pier. Chat to our team about customising your wedding package via our Contact Us page.

Some things never change though! Photo booths at receptions are still just as in demand a decade on, as well as classic tiered wedding cakes being just as popular as ever before. We also don’t predict a change in the style of celebration happening anytime soon, with sit-down dinner weddings remaining the most popular style of event for couples.

What wedding trend from 2010 do you hope comes back in style during the 2020’s?!


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