5 Important Things To Do On Your Wedding Day

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When it comes down to the big day we understand there’s going to be a rollercoaster of thoughts going through your mind! As much as you’ve probably done all the preparation you could’ve with months of planning all coming down to one oh-so-special day, here’s a few tips for the day you might have overlooked!

Now you’ve woken up from your beauty sleep (or about as much sleep as a kid before Christmas!) and it’s finally here! Today is the day you’ll marry your best friend and your forever after!

First thing is first, it’s time to eat breakfast

That’s right! Some say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it could not be true enough for your Wedding Day. Providing you the fuel you’ll need to get through all the emotion and fun, a bit of brekkie in the morning will not only provide you with a chance to soak in the excitement but also gives you a chance to sit back, take a deep breath coffee or tea (if that’s how you roll) in hand and embrace the day ahead of you! On that topic, it’s also super important to stay hydrated so starting with some all-important H2O will do you the world of good!

You could even make this a moment for you and your ‘I Do Party’ to share a final meal before everything truly kicks off! Who doesn’t love a cheeky champagne with a croissant to start the day in style?

Next you need to put someone else in charge.

I know all your months worth of preparation comes down to one day and you’ve probably poured a whole lot of heart and energy into making sure everything goes to plan. But that’s just it! You’ve put so much effort in, now is the time for you to hand over the reigns and kick back. Enjoy everything that is your special day without any concern because you’ve already done all the hard work for them.

It may be your best friend, family member or ANYONE, but just not you.

Now once someone else is taking the lead, it’s important they have your emergency kit!

This kit will have everything you need for the expected and unexpected! Although you will probably not need most of this, it is important that you’ve got them as you just never know what life can throw at you! Here’s our list of must have’s!

  • Hair Pins & Safety Pins
  • Touch up Make up / Lipstick / Gloss
  • Baby Wipes / White Chalk (in case you need to touch up your dress!)
  • Sewing Kit
  • Tissues
  • Panadol / Hay fever relief (especially in Spring!)
  • Deodorant / Perfume
  • Bandaids

Finally, the last thing in your emergency kit is you phone. Put it away and enjoy your day without anyone interrupting it for you. It will still be there in your emergency kit for those ‘just in case’ moments. Make sure your person in charge has the kit stashed throughout the day and evening.

You’re getting ready now and it’s not a pamper session without your favourite playlist!

Having your favourite songs lined up for when you’re getting ready won’t only calm your nerves or fill silence, it also gives you and your I Do Party a chance to have some fun before the formalities. Have a dance and a sing while your hair is perfected and dress/suit smoothed flawlessly! Make sure to have some calmer songs as well as your favourite dance tracks to keep the mood high and anxieties to a minimum.

Finally, take a moment for yourself.

Once you’re ready and just before you leave for the ceremony, take a moment just for you. Soak up all of the excitement and give yourself 5 or more minutes to really appreciate just how special this day is for you and your partner. You may take this time to just be quiet, to meditate, to reflect on where it all started or to read a note from your significant other. However you spend it is up to you but have that moment, you deserve it.


Before you know it, you’re together and every worry has sailed far away. That moment of ‘I Do’ will come and go but you’ll never forget how special that day is for you. So be prepared and enjoy every second of it.

It may be the closest you come to magic.

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