7 Ways To Lift Morale Ahead Of The Holiday Season!

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It’s nearing the end of the year and as we approach Christmas, we sometimes need to innovate to lift morale ahead of the holiday season! Whether you’re ramping up for your busy period or slowing down into a potential shut down period, there’s always some room for a bit of fresh fun!

While we are on the topic of fresh and fun……

There are soooo many ways you can revamp and lift morale ahead of the holiday season, and all for little to no cost too! Perhaps consider a Spring clean and a bit of rearranging in your office space? Could things be made more productive or at least a little more enjoyable?
Another avenue you could go down is relaxing your dress code as the weather warms up and while we’re on the topic of apparel, how about a themed day? These days are great to have a bit of fun but also raise money for a charity of choice.
A favourite of ours is to run your own ‘Christmas Light/Decoration Comp’ where all your staff decorate their spaces for the Christmas Season. And yes, we’ve even seen the Grinchs of Christmas get involved with their favourite anti-Christmas memes stuck to their desks.

Did someone say Party?

Yes, as we approach the season of celebrations it’s time to plan your own Christmas Party. Your end of year celebrations not only give you a chance to celebrate the success of the year gone but also any employee/company milestones, whilst also sharing your vision for the calendar year ahead. If you’re looking for more Christmas Party Inspo, check out our blog where we share 6 tips to make your Christmas Party the BEST yet!

Get out of the office!

As your staff begin to see your office walls in their sleep, it’s time to step out for a change of scenery. Moving an office meeting, training day or even conference/seminar out of your usual environment can be the perfect way to spark more interest and engagement from your team. Take the next step and choose a venue with an impressive location, great catering and just far enough away to be removed from the office day-to-day routine. The Pier Geelong happen to have the flexibility and state of the art facilities to make your next office outing one to remember. You can learn more about our corporate capabilities here.

Room for Activities???

While you’re out of the office, why not include an activity that laps up the Spring Sunshine too? Getting active or taking on a challenge as a team not only builds the strength of the said team but increases trust and communication too. A fun activity could also be just the thing your team needs to de-stress before things ramp up or slow down! If you’re looking for something in Geelong, take a look at some of our Corporate Experience packages here.

Role Reverse

A really interesting way to keep your team ‘out of the norm’ and on their toes is to have a Role Reverse day (or afternoon if you can’t spare the full day!). Simply pick a day/afternoon that your team members swap roles with another team member. This will not only up skill individuals but also build you a strong multi-skilled team with enough shared knowledge to make your contingency plan sing.

How flexible are you?

In preparation for your busy period or vice versa, your Christmas shut down, it’s more important than ever to take your teams well being into account. Flexible hours is a simple solution (in some cases) that allow your team to work when they function best and increase their productivity/efficiency. Allowing your team to take the odd Friday off after working different days/longer days etc can be just the refresher to lift morale ahead of the holiday season.

Where to next?

Finally, it’s important that your team have something to look forward to. Taking the time to build a training and development plan for your staff can provide the motivation individuals need to remain goal driven before the holiday period and on their return. It’s also a great time to touch base to gather feedback and potentially an insight on how to innovate from the ground up.

However you decide to spark and lift morale ahead of the holiday season, remember to have fun!

If you’re looking for some quick tips on how to make returning to work that little bit easier, continue reading our tips here.

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