Are you keeping up with the hot office trends of 2019/2020?

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We all know there are some workplace trends that are better left alone but what exactly should you be paying attention too? We’ve got the hot office trends we think are worth considering for your workplace!

Do you have space for communication?

We all know communication is key, but in reality it’s not as simple as just having a conversation with someone. Having dedicated communication spaces within your workplace for brainstorming and innovation will help your team stay agile in even the most competitive environments. And we’re not just talking about the dark and slightly cramped meeting room tucked away in the back of the office! Creating a relaxed and more informal environment will encourage creativity and motivation whilst also making communicating that little bit easier for all.

Are you being smart, or are you just busy?

Although ‘busy’ is glorified in so many work environments, is it possible to be productive and not be run off your feet? Of course it is and it all comes down to having multi functional spaces and playing to the strengths of your team. Spaces that can be used for more than a single purpose can enhance the ability of your team to work smarter and with better efficiency. Think about any ‘dead’ spaces in your office and consider what is needed to make that space a productivity hub where your team can confide, divide and conquer your KPI’s.

How flexible are you?

It’s no surprise that flexibility is in the mix of hot office trends. It’s been on trend for years and is just starting to really make waves in all industries. Flexibility within spaces, time on the clock and location is part and parcel of modern-day business. Especially when it comes to leave and work/life balance. With globalisation and technology, it’s never been easier to empower your team to adopt flexibility.

What’s your tech like?

While we are on the topic of communicating better, working smarter and being more flexible, there is one common denominator that makes all of this quite achievable. Technology! Specifically collaborative technology, has never been so crucial to businesses and it is not enough to just set and forget the tools you use. With updates and new innovation being adopted all around the world every day, make sure you put effort into being that early adopter of great tech! You’ll thank yourself later!

While you assess your situation, we encourage you to consider one thing. At the end of the day, it won’t just be about getting a huge amount of things ticked off your to-do-list, it’s about working smarter not harder so you can focus on the important aspects that grow your business or role. Communicate that common goal or dream, be smart on how you climb that ladder towards your goal, stay flexible as you grow and invest in technology that will help you succeed.

You’ve got this.

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