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Annnnnd…. we’re back!

HELLO dear friends of The Pier Geelong! We’ve been a bit quiet of late…. And with good reason. Truth be told we’ve been all loved up. And I mean loved up in a big way – it’s wedding season, you see, and well, with weddings come a lot of last minute changes and additions along… Read more »

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The Best Seat in the House….

Wedding season rolls on and one item that often needs the most attention, but is often the least appealing, is creating the seating plan. I hear you groan as you either a) recall putting this together for your own wedding, and remember many a stand-off with your now husband/wife over who was sitting where and with whom or b) because… Read more »

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Why a Mid Week Wedding…? Why Not!

One of the first things newly engaged couples talk about is their wedding date. Most have a fairly good idea of when they want to get married, some even have a specific date picked out. However, gone are the days of your wedding having to be on a Saturday.   Here at The Pier Geelong… Read more »

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My ‘Blooming’ Success…

Up until recently I had a phobia of arranging flowers. I would walk past a florist or even wander past the selection of flowers at Coles and think, they are all so beautiful and I just want to buy them all. However ,the panic would set in shortly after as I struggled to imagine putting… Read more »

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Cheers to the weekend…

At The Pier Geelong, we are always looking for ways to grow our knowledge and educate our staff in all aspects of events. While our stunning venue speaks for itself, our amazing food and beverages are certainly another amazing element to The Pier Geelong experience. This week our sales team were lucky enough to be… Read more »

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