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An interview piece I did with a local Geelong jewellery designer friend of mine…

Just prior to the launch of the 2016/2017 wedding season, we spoke with local jeweller & designer Breanna Timmins of BLT Jewellery to find out a little about her craft, how BLT came about and some words of wisdom for those couple’s getting hitched and trying to find their perfect pieces….

wedding-jewelleryHow did BLT Jewellery start?

“I’ve been making jewellery since 2004 and always made my own things here and there for private clients and at markets, but it wasn’t until having my son in 2014 that I really started working on my own collection more and working predominately for myself rather than other jewellers”

What service does BLT offer and what does the BLT process entail?

“Engagement rings, wedding bands, simple initial pendants…I make any kind of jewellery you can think of! I am a jeweller by trade so I can also do jewellery repairs/remodels as well.

Clients can simply contact me and let me know what it is they’re after and we can go from there”

How long is the process from a jeweller’s perspective to create a bespoke piece?

“It really depends on the piece. It normally takes 7-10 days from ordering to delivery for a simple piece (initial ring or pendant for example) and then 4-6 weeks for a wedding band or engagement ring. I’m happy to discuss any timeframe a customer has in mind though and if it’s possible I’ll work within that. I have been known to whip up an emergency birthday present over night! Haha!”

Can you tell us a little bit about the materials you use and where you source them?

“Again, it really depends on the piece. I mainly work with Sterling Silver and Gold, which I source locally and then when gemstones come into play it comes down to what the customer is after and where I can find it! I had a diamond shipped over from New York the other week.”

It’s the unofficial start of the 2016/2017 wedding season (at the time of writing) – are there any trends that you see emerging in regards to wedding jewellery and/or bridal accessories?

“I think anything goes these days!! Be yourself J I love it when a customer comes to me with a design that is a little left of centre and we get to work together to create an amazing piece that they just want to stare at all day long!”

wedding-jewellery-3Any words of wisdom for our couple’s when searching for their perfect wedding bands?  Is there anything in particular that they should be aware of or should ask about?

“You really do get what you pay for when it comes to jewellery” Says Bree.

“Cheaper pieces are generally mass produced so they can make lots of them at one time and they’re just not going to stand the test of time when it comes to something that you’re wearing every day and is undertaking a lot of wear and tear. Saving money at the start of the process will generally come back around with all of the repairs/remakes that will potentially occur down the track.”


What’s your favourite part of the process?

“I love seeing a customer’s face when they see a piece for the first time, or hearing how a proposal went J”

And the fun part: what’s the strangest request you’ve ever received?

“I made a sterling silver pendant from a customer’s wisdom tooth once!” Wowsers.

wedding-jewellery-1We have no doubt that there have been plenty of strange and wonderful requests! The Geelong based designer recently celebrated the launch of her collection and showcased not only stunning pieces of jewellery, but amazing headpieces too, something new for BLT. The launch was held in Newtown at ‘As Daisy Does’, another talented Geelong local, and guests were able to touch and try one Bree’s creations.

The headwear has featured trackside at numerous Spring Racing events, including Melbourne Cup day, Derby day and Oaks Day – with a bevvy of beauties donning the exquisite pieces. The headpiece that started it all has also been featured in the latest issue of coveted bridal magazine, Hello May.

The piece was worn by Sonya of Enchanted Weddings at the celebration of her own nuptials, and boy  oh boy, did it look stunning!

From rings to necklaces, to headpieces and pendants, Bree is one super talented woman. Not only is she a part of the Geelong Creatives group, she regularly attends markets and expo’s around the area – all of which she advertises through her social media platforms.

So you have absolutely no excuse not to check out her goods and support a local, AHHHHMAZING business.

Signing off… Ez x

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