6 Tips To Make Your Christmas Party The BEST Yet!

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Planning the company Christmas Party doesn’t have to be a bore, or tricky in the slightest! In fact, it’s one of our FAVOURITE things to do. So let us share with you some tips and tricks to make this years party the BEST ONE YET!

Before we get into the details, let’s just remind ourselves of why it’s so important to invest in a fantastic Christmas Party.

These events are crucial for quite a few reasons! Not only do they allow the staff to celebrate the success of the year gone, but also give management or team leaders the chance to share a vision for the year to come. It’s also a great opportunity for staff and teams to cross over and socialise together. Allowing the team to chat across departments can help you build a multi-functional team that will form the ground level for future innovation and strength within your company.

However, most of all, it is a time to get together and have fun!

Now let’s get to the hot tips:

Start planning early and set the date

Your job in planning this impressive Christmas Party will be so much easier if you start thinking and planning early. Part of this is setting a date and sticking to this date – it’s easier said than done! Giving yourself plenty of time will not only give you the best chance of securing everything you want without hassle, but also give you a chance to find a back up plan if things well, don’t go to plan. Now is the perfect time to be locking in your venue!

Sort out your ‘MUST HAVE’ items

You’ve probably been given a budget to stick to and have a rough idea of what you’re wanting but to really pull this awesome party off, you will need to prioritise your ‘must have items’. This could be anything from location to food/drinks or entertainment. Having your priorities set will make cutting back easier if push comes to shove.

Where’s this party going to be held and have you thought about transport?

A party wont be a party without your guests. When selecting your venue, it is best to keep it central and easy to get to (especially if your guests will be indulging in a drink or two). Consider a venue that is not only easy-to-get-to, but also see if you can mix it up and host in a location that will have your guests stunned! Not to brag, but we think The Pier Geelong can help here, don’t you think?

Let’s talk food!

We know there will always be guests that come purely for the food so make it an absolute hit! Whether you’re considering a sit down dinner or a cocktail event with grazing boards, food is one of those things that need to be on your ‘MUST HAVE’ list. When you’re thinking about food, a hot tip is to find a venue that caters for you. This will be one less complication you’ll need to worry about.

Another super important thing you will need to factor in is dietaries. With so many people having dietary requirements these days, it is important that there is enough food and variety for EVERYONE.

The Extra bits

Things that might, or might not be on your ‘must have’ list are decorations, entertainment, photo booth or photographer and a theme for the night! A theme is a inexpensive way to spice up the party and add a bit more fun to the equation. If you need a hand with suppliers your venue should be able to point you in the right direction – The Pier have a number of local legends we partner with to help you out!

Where to next? The After Party.

It’s highly likely that some of your guests will want to keep the celebrations going so it’s good to have a plan on where the party can move to when the formalities are over. Having a late-night venue close by will make the transition easy and hassle free for your guests! We have the perfect solution here as our cheeky sister venue Wah Bah is just upstairs! With killer cocktails and great music to keep your guests dancing, it’s almost too good to be true!


There you go, our 6 simple steps to help you on your way to planning the best Christmas Party Yet! Remember that now is the best time to lock in your date and awesome venue! At The Pier, you can host your Christmas Party in a central Geelong location with perfect bay views. With our packages starting at just $64 per person, it’s the perfect place to celebrate all the successes of 2019!

But that’s not all! If you book your Christmas Party in September for a party in October or December 2019, you will go in the draw to receive a complimentary Beverage package upgrade! Get in touch with our team to learn more and read the T&C’s here.


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