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Christmas Party Venue in Geelong! 

It’s Christmas Party time!!

It’s almost that time of year again…. When the office starts to become manic with end of year deadlines, shopping centres have been displaying Christmas decorations and playing carols for too long and you’re still stuck on what to buy your mother-in-law….

If you have been placed in charge of organising the staff Christmas function which means choosing the best Christmas Party Venue (Geelong), fear not! Here are some tips on how to please (most of) the masses at your end of year event:

Know your budget: There’s nothing worse than having grand ideas and grand plans and starting the planning process, only to find that the company budget doesn’t extend to covering that fake snow machine you had your heart set on to create a ‘White Christmas’ theme…

Find a suitable Venue: One “Staff Christmas Party” venue in Geelong” will not suit everyone. Some people may not be happy with the distance of the venue from their house, some may not be happy with the parking, or the public transport in the area. Some people won’t like it because they don’t like anything, except being difficult. You can’t please everyone. But what you can do, is ensure that all people are able to attend – this means finding a venue with ramps and wide doors for disability access and for those who may have trouble with stairs or unstable flooring!

Food and Beverage: Once you decide between the sit down lunch/dinner style event and the cocktail style event, you can get stuck into the fun part – selecting the menu! With dietary requirements and allergies now a part of our everyday life, ensure you ask for this information on the invitation, so that you are able to collate it and send through to the Function venues Geelong you have chosen. This is really important, as not supplying these items, means staff go hungry. When hosting a cocktail style event, make sure there is plenty of food. DON’T be stingy on the canape package here guys… the more staff eat, the better ‘mannered’ they will be. Translation: more laughs and fun, less intoxication, regret and hangovers the next day.

Basically, you want your end of year Christmas party function in Geelong to be memorable for all the right reasons – celebrating a year of working as a team, celebrating successes and what you have achieved. Have you booked your event yet?

Until next time…. Ez x

Christmas Party Functions Geelong

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