How to plan an AWESOME Staff Christmas Party

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How to plan an AWESOME Staff Christmas Party

Yes, it is only September… BUT we all know how quickly these last months of the year fly by. So if you want to ensure the best staff Christmas party in December, it is imperative to start planning and book your staff Christmas party venue and suppliers now!If you have been designated as the Staff Christmas Party Planner, we have put our heads together down here at The Pier Geelong and gathered some hot tips from our event experts. Our top tips will ensure you pull off a super awesome staff chrissy party. Ensuring that this one will be talked about all through the new year for the right reasons – with lil ol’ you basking in all the glory!

First up, visualise each stage of the night from your guests’ point of view

We highly recommend creating ‘cues’ for your guests so they know what is going on as each stage of the party unfolds. This can be done with timing of food being served, speeches, or switching from an acoustic act to the DJ, which will cue that the dancefloor is ready for the caterpillar move to be unleashed by Greg in Accounts.

Show your staff some LOVE

Top tip – keep the ‘thank you’ speech brief – but authentic. How does one achieve this? By mentioning individuals and personalising the thank you, talk about projects that were a hard slog, but how as a team it was pulled together. Be self-depreciating! Touch on what you personally learnt through the working year, and what you will personally be focusing on in your role in the coming one.Another great idea is to hand out fun employee awards, it will generate a buzz and conversation around the water cooler for months to come. Some ideas are the ‘How was your Weekend? Award’ ‘The Corporate Jargon Award’‘Office Fashionista Award’‘Always in a Meeting Award’ and ‘The Motivational Quote Guru Award’

Cater for Desos (Designated Drivers)

For a Staff Chrissy party, there may be employees that aren’t big drinkers, designated drivers or expecting bubbas! A fun way of keeping non-drinkers in the festive spirit is with mocktails, or here at The Pier Geelong we offer a Boutique Drink Station, which is way more festive than regular soft drink.

Big Company? Organise an Icebreaker

If you are organising a Chrissy staff shin dig for a large company, it can be easy for Departments to stick together at the staff Chrissy party. Help your guests mingle! why not make it easier and present your guests with name tags that say their name, their role and an icebreaker? For example, ‘Hi I’m Doug from IT, and I love Bill Murray films’

Don’t scrimp on the Decs!

Honestly, it doesn’t take much to decorate a space these days. For a staff Christmas party it can easily be done with foil balloons spelling out the company name, Kmart fairy lights or a photo booth wall. It will show your staff that you care about the little details, you are not ‘scrimping’ and it really sets the scene for a fun night.Another idea is to book a photo booth. Photo booths are a hit at any party, and the memento photo prints can be stuck proudly on the office fridge for the next 12 months! All seem a bit overwhelming? Don’t stress! here at The Pier Geelong we are offering Staff Christmas Party Packages from $64 per head that include food, bevies and we can also assist with booking entertainment and theming.Email us today at [email protected] or call 03 5222 6444

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