Why a Mid Week Wedding…? Why Not!

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One of the first things newly engaged couples talk about is their wedding date. Most have a fairly good idea of when they want to get married, some even have a specific date picked out. However, gone are the days of your wedding having to be on a Saturday.


Here at The Pier Geelong we are seeing a trend emerge of the mid-week wedding. Now brides and grooms are placing their special day in line with the day before or after a public holiday, or during school holidays if they are school teachers, or during the week if they are shift workers, or on a Wednesday just because!


Lots of people have a special date or a lucky number that is really significant for them, it doesn’t matter anymore if that day doesn’t fall on a Saturday. Your wedding anniversary every year isn’t going to fall on a Saturday, so wouldn’t you rather have that significant number or date as your anniversary every year?


My top 7 reasons for Booking a Mid-Week Wedding.


1 – Most venue can offer you EXCLUSIVE use of the space during the week

2 – Accommodation is usually cheaper and generally there isn’t a minimum number of nights stay required

3 – You can enjoy an extended celebration into the weekend or from the weekend before or after the wedding

4 – If booking in peak times it won’t clash with other functions, so most people you invite will be able to attend

5 – Everyone loves an extended long weekend and an excuse to take one

6 – Suppliers are more readily available. You should be able to secure every supplier you want and not be competing with other functions

7 – Airline flights are generally cheaper for people travelling from interstate


There are so many positives to doing something a little bit out of the ordinary, however soon I think we will be seeing the mid-week wedding become more and more common.


Something to think about…….


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