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The day of Mums is fast approaching – Can you believe we’re three quarters of the way through April and almost one quarter of the way through the year? Yep, I’ll let that marinate for a moment…. Crazy!

For those of you scratching your heads at to the exact date of Mothers Day, let it be known that Mothers Day falls on the second Sunday in May each year. This year that blessed date is the 8th, and yes, there is no time like the present to plan what you’re going to gift your mother, or how you’re going to spend this special day with her.

All Mums love to be spoilt. They won’t tell you that though. And why should they? We should already know!

Put simply, Mums are dead set legends. They raise us, nurture us, cook for us, clean for us, hug us, worry about us, ask us questions about our eating habits/sleeping habits/love live/lack of love life…and let’s not forget… that they gave birth to us. Ahh-mazing.

So a special day calls for a special celebration. While some may wish to go all out and spare no expense to show her how much she means to them, there are lots of different options and ideas to convey those feelings, even if you don’t have a lot to spend.

Please let me be clear here though – a little bit of effort is required. **NOTE – handing your mum a $50 note at dinner that she has prepared is NOT effort and does NOT make her feel special. The old ‘she can buy herself something she wants’ attitude is not acceptable and while you may think it’s a nice gesture, it actually just comes across like a lack of care or priority.

Now that I have that out of my system; here are a few gift ideas / surprises for Mum that might inspire you:

Given that we just hosted a breakfast with guest speaker Peter Alexander here at The Pier Geelong yesterday, and while PJ’s and slippers could be put in the ‘average present’ column, we’re big fans of PA’s funky collections – he even has a Mother’s Day collection. OMG. Cute.

A super cool framed memento with all of her favourite peoples names or her favourite words. Local business,LoveJFrames have an amazing collection, that’ll tug at the heartstrings of any Mum.

If your mum rarely has a moment to herself, then a day spa or pamper treatment may be just the treat for her. A facial, massage, mani/pedi and a glass of bubbles are just the items needed for her to unwind, and to enjoy some valuable alone time.

If you and your siblings are pooling your funds and really looking to treat mum – a weekend away is the perfect option. Affordable accommodation is in great supply in off peak months such as May, June and July and flights from Avalon airport to some amazing destinations are now making it easier than ever to plan a cheap interstate getaway. If Dad’s lucky, he might even get to join her. Win!

If relaxed and simple is more your style, cooking a meal for Mum or packing a picnic and treating her to a relaxing afternoon with some delicious produce and a glass or two of wine is an amazing and inexpensive option. Making a booking at a favourite restaurant or Mothers Day luncheon, if you’re not a confident cook or picnicker is just as thoughtful. Spending time together is no doubt a wonderful present in itself – just make sure you pick up the bill!

For those who are separated from their mothers whether it be due to distance or circumstance, or for those who have mothers now looking over them, spending the day with other special Mums you may know can be just as lovely. Sisters, Sister-in-law, grandmothers and for those of us lucky enough to wonderful mother-in-laws (yes, they do exist!)  – these are all Mums that we can appreciate and spoil on their special day in May.

For the big day itself – Happy Mothers Day to all of our own Mums and to all of the Mums we know in the community, from the team at The Pier Geelong.

Until next time…..

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