My ‘Blooming’ Success…

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Up until recently I had a phobia of arranging flowers.

I would walk past a florist or even wander past the selection of flowers at Coles and think, they are all so beautiful and I just want to buy them all. However ,the panic would set in shortly after as I struggled to imagine putting them all together in an arrangement that actually resembles something attractive.

Working in events here at The Pier Geelong, means that I get to see some beautiful floral arrangements and amazing styling. Whether it is an elaborate wedding centrepiece or a simple arrangement in a milk bottle prepared by our functions manager, I always find that flowers brighten up my day.

Whilst I am certainly no florist and don’t really know the difference between the hydrangea or the carnation, I do believe that with a little bit of confidence and practice you can certainly have a fair crack at brightening up your home for your next family BBQ, the festive season or special occasion event.

For the past 6 months I have been making an effort to buy flowers, whilst I don’t know what flowers to put with what flowers and what certain varieties are used for. I certainly know what I like. Now I can’t imagine my house without my weekly or fortnightly arrangement.

The picture attached to this week’s blog was my latest attempt from the weekend. This was the first time I tried to do an arrangement in a bowl. Whilst it certainly isn’t perfect, my guests on Saturday night all complimented me on it and were surprised that I had put it together myself. To be honest, I was quite surprised as well.

Check out Pinterest and some magazines for inspiration, head to your local farmers market to pick up some great fresh flowers and this week why not give it a go! Start small and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, that just adds to the character of a homemade arrangement.

Good luck, have fun and happy styling :)

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