Our top 12 picks for Autumn weddings

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Autumn weddings are seriously underrated!! Down here at The Pier we LOVE an autumn wedding. The bay is still, yet often broken by a pod of dolphins, the sunsets are beautiful and early, the flowers that the florists bring in each weekend are so unusual and seriously decadent with so many new blooms available, and the menu becomes comfort food with warm hearty main dishes and decadent desserts!

We have put together a medley of inspo from Pinterest to inspire our engaged couples. A seasonal wedding doesn’t have to be so intentional with colours and styling, sometimes it just small accents to a reception table, a bridal bouquet or a piece of dress jewellery. For instance a sprig of rosemary on the napkins (6) or an open fig as a cake topper (12). 

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Our top 12 picks for Autumn weddings:

1. Burnt orange and satin – that’s two trends in one pic! 
2. Crystals and gemstones are SERIOUSLY on trend at the moment, used as place card holders, cake toppers and as gifts
3. Geometric styling is still holding as a trend – we love the combo of the square style arbour with fluffy smoke bush in the foliage 
4. No matter the season – HOT PINK is always a good idea ; )
5. Gemstones are seriously a fab choice for engagement rings – often signifying certain meanings and handed down through generations. Our pick is an emerald or turquoise stone.
6. A sprig of rosemary on your wedding day is entrenched in tradition symbolising loyalty and love. We love this image with the use of a wrap of leather.
7. Gasp! how divine does this burgundy satin dress look? – perfect for a bridesmaid OR bride!
8. Heart shaped sparklers – your photographer will wanna stay til the end of your reception for a shot with these!
9. Pillar candles and chalkboard – this trend is not disappearing anytime soon, is easy to setup and creates an amazing ambience to a empty spot in a room.
10. Man Bun + Brown Suit – say no more
11. Beg your florist to track down these orchids!
12. The cheese tower cake – yes yes yes!

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