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We always lovvveee when Peony & Weasel Flower Co weave their floral wonder down to The Pier! Kirsten and Brooke are the proud owners of the boutique florist store located at the ‘Paris End’ of Pakington Street and offer flowers for all occasions across Geelong, Surfcoast and Bellarine Peninsula. We asked the ladies some questions about their favourite wedding moments along with their trend forecast for all things floral!

Tell us a little about your friendship and how you became ‘Peony & Weasel Flower Co! What do you both bring to the collaboration?

Kirsten: Brooke and I have known of each other through mutual friends for over 20 years. Our working career started with previous employment of which we worked together for four years. We work so well together and our style is so similar, even we can’t tell sometimes who made it.

What has been your favourite ‘wedding moment’ so far on your journey as ‘Peony & Weasel Flower Co’?

K: Before gay marriage was legalised, we had a beautiful couple married in the Otways. The girls both carried bouquets that were very personally chosen. On seeing the bouquets, their words were “ they are absolutely incredible, now this makes it feel real” and burst into tears, which inturn made us cry. It was a really intense moving moment.

What has been your favourite wedding trend when it comes to flowers in recent times?

Brooke: Dark berry and moody tones
Kristen: Colour contrast and use of free flowing textures.

Can you give us a forecast of a floral trend for 2019?

K: Still unstructured, more use of colour. And if going by Pantone, there’s going to be a good use of the colour violet.

What is one question you wish your brides would ask?

K: We believe flowers compliment the overall look and styling of a wedding, and we feel a lot of people may not realise how much flowers cost, so let us know your budget up front.

Anything new that you guys are offering that you would like to share?

K: The trend for reception tables are no glass ware and juxtapositioned arrangements that are really flower heavy. Which we love creating!!!

How do we get in touch?
Website: www.peonyandweaselflowerco.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/peonyandweaselflowerco.com.au
Instagram: www.instagram.com/peonyandweaselflowerco
Phone: 03 5223 1459
Email: [email protected]

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