Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

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Fundraiser events are becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason. It’s a great opportunity to get the work team or friends all together in a relaxed setting, have some fun, and help contribute to a strong cause.

It’s no secret that, without a clear purpose and great planning, your fundraising event could be deemed a failure. We don’t want that to happen!

Make sure you’re clear on what you want to achieve from your event, as this will make the planning stages much easier for you.

There are two types of fundraisers out there, and you need to be clear which one yours will be.

Fundraiser – This is the traditional form of the fundraising event, where the goal is to maximise net revenue and raise your fundraising profile.

Friendraiser – This is considered the more fun and social version of a fundraiser. The goal here is to maximise attendance numbers and build your contact list of new friends for the organisation.

We highly recommend you take the friendrasier approach, for so many reasons.

Other than the fact these events tend to be more fun and social, they’re also more effective for growing your donor funnel and building on-going, meaningful relationships.

How can you make sure your Fundraiser blows the others out of the park? 

Tip #1 – Our biggest tip is this: Don’t rely on social media and marketing.
Get your committee people to sell the tickets personally, set a target, and create a competition out of it. The best way to encourage a giving attitude is by offering fun and friendship. If donors have this to look forward to, they’re much more likely to attend these events.

Tip #2: Use booking system for ticket sales
This is a seamless and professional strategy for collecting data, dietaries and also donations.

Tip #3 – Make sure you have a registration table that is visible and welcoming
You want to make it as easy as possible for attendees to donate. Make sure there is a friendly vibe so guests don’t feel too intimidated to approach.

Tip #4 – Work the room, baby
Make sure you, as well as your committee members, are leading the way by enjoying themselves, being social, and making sure all attendees feel welcome. This will foster relationships and encourage return attendance for future fundraisers.

Tip #5 – Create (and stick to!) a follow-up plan for attendees
Too often event organisers become distracted and forget about following up with those who attended their event. There is a huge opportunity here to build on existing relationships and increase donations. Make sure you get as much value from your event as possible, after all, a lot of time and money was probably spent making it a successful and fun occasion!

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