Wedding Trend 2019: Brunch Weddings

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Here at The Pier Geelong we have noticed a new trend emerging – many of our lovely engaged couples are opting for a brunch wedding ceremony and reception.

As a result, we decided to offer a complete package for this style of wedding, offering a yummy selection of hot plated options including smashed avocado, bacon and eggs, along with mini pancakes, chia puddings and bircher muesli! And of course, no brunch would be complete without a cheeky sparkling wine!

So why a Brunch Wedding? We have come up with some reasons why we think this trend is not going to be disappearing anytime soon, and why it is so popular!

Sunrise over the Bay

Well here at The Pier Geelong – the biggest reason would have to be – our beautiful sunrise over the water! Having a morning ceremony means taking advantage of the beautiful light that bathes our venue each morning. In the early morning, we often have pods of dolphins swimming past for their morning meal, and the fishing boats are coming back from their early mornings out on the bay. Your photographer will be in their element with the light available which photographs beautifully in the morning hours.

You and your partner love your weekend breakfasts

Do you and your partner have a weekend ritual of having a long weekend breakfast? This is a reason why many of our couples who get married at the The Pier Geelong opt for a brunch reception, because they adore this ritual and want to incorporate it into their wedding day and share it with their loved ones.

Ask us about your favourite breakfast dishes and we will personalise your wedding brunch even further.

You prefer a dry style… or a bottomless brunch!

If you and your partner and your family are not ‘big drinkers’ then you may decide to opt for a wedding reception where the focus is more on the food rather than the drinks. An arrival drink is more than enough or a toast to celebrate! Or perhaps you want to mix things up with a ‘bottomless brunch’ style, where you have sparkling wine available throughout the reception for a few morning bubbles! This is where a brunch option removes the expectation from guests in regards to beverages.

Coffee is a great love of yours

Speaking of beverages – if you and your partner are coffee lovers, a brunch wedding means you can incorporate your love of coffee into your wedding by hiring an espresso cart or having a range of hot drinks available for guests to enjoy.

You could even have personalised keep cups with your wedding details on them as a wedding favour!

Take your time

A brunch wedding frees up the structure required for a late afternoon/evening wedding. There is no rush to get the ceremony done by sunset, or before the colder weather comes in, photographs can be taken later in the day, leaving you and your partner free to mingle more with your guests.

If you are looking at inviting children to your wedding, this becomes an easier experience for their parents – as they don’t have to rush them to bed, or put up with tired little ones.

Further, a brunch wedding can stretch out as much as you desire, leaving the afternoon and evening to yourselves, or for an after party!

You are a low key couple

You and your partner are super casual, so a brunch wedding may mean that you have a relaxed approach to wedding day proceedings, speeches, your outfits and no seating chart. A brunch wedding is also a shorter duration, so you pay less per head, which means more money in the budget for things that are important to you both – such as saving for your first home, or a beautiful dream honeymoon.

Feeling inspired and feel like a Brunch Ceremony and Wedding Reception is the right fit for you and your partner?

Contact our Sales Team about our Bayside Brunch Experience and book your perfect brunch wedding with us here at The Pier Geelong!



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