Why You Should Celebrate Employee (& Company) Milestones

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As the modern day landscape allows us to swap and change between jobs and careers, holding onto a team of talent becomes crucial. It is for this reason, and so many more, as to why you should celebrate employee (& company) milestones! Let’s face it, everyone loves an excuse to celebrate!

So why should you celebrate milestones?

Celebrating achievements within your team can bring out the best in each individual. For a start, the recognition and reward can be the perfect motivator to stretch that little bit further and not cut that tempting corner. It’s not a hard sum to weigh up with appreciation plus engagement equalling productivity. Setting and rewarding achievable goals (even the small ones!) not only improves overall performance but also works towards greater employee retention and morale! We’ve recently looked into ways on how to boost morale heading into holiday season, you can check it out here.

How exactly can you recognise these milestones?

Like everything, it’s something individual to your organisation and there are countless ways to go about it no matter the budget. Whether it be private acknowledgement or a public celebration (because let’s face it, everyone loves a party!), there are benefits to both.

Private acknowledgement can be beneficial for those wanting to focus on and discuss the potential career progression, increased responsibilities and wage increase of the team member. This could also be a valuable time to gather feedback on how the company can progress further and potentially polish some processes/procedures.

Public celebrations tend to be the most common or are in conjunction with private acknowledgement. Public recognition can have a broader impact on the direct team and/or organisation at large. The visibility of working towards a reward tends to act as a motivator and let’s your team know they’re important to the organisation – because they really are!

Public recognition of these milestones can happen as a stand alone celebration, similar to a wedding milestone, or as a part of an end of year celebration such as the staff Christmas Party or End Of Financial Year Party. If you’ve decided the Christmas Party is the way to go but are still stuck on what to do, why not check out our recent blog on 6 tips to make your Christmas Party the best yet!

If the standard Christmas or EOFY party isn’t for you, here’s some more ideas:

  • Lunch or morning tea with the team. Any excuse to get out of the office or in our case, indulge in our favourite cheesecake!
  • Take an afternoon or day to build the team through an activity. Check out our corporate experiences here to test your team at Stand Up Paddle Boarding and more!
  • Cocktail event after working hours. Get dolled up and have a cheeky Espresso Martini. We know Edge’s are to die for!
  • Celebrate at a sporting event with the team. Get out of the office together and cheer on your team, some healthy rivalry is never a bad thing!
  • Team BBQ? Who doesn’t love dusting the BBQ off as the weather warms up!

Who to share them with?

A part from the direct team and company, you’ve got a few options here! Perhaps you branch it out to include plus ones or families (depending on the event of course!). Or even include some clients and suppliers in the mix if that works for you. This can be a really great way to not only inspire your staff, but also quietly brag about the success of your team and the company to those who help make it possible.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to take away from this is not just why you should celebrate employee (& company) milestones, but that you really should. In whatever way, small or large, it is an investment in the future of your company and your organisations most important asset – the people. We’ve celebrated our fair share of milestones out on The Pier, so get in touch with our experts to see how we can make this a celebration to remember!

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