Why you shouldn’t ‘wing’ your wedding day

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I’m sure if you’re about to get married, you’ve been to a wedding or two in your time. Now, how much time on the wedding day have you actually spent with the bride and groom? Did everyone in the family know each other?  Did everything go to plan exactly?

As much as I hope you answered yes to all the above, quite often than not your wedding day will always carry a tiny bit of unhelpful pressure that can be easily avoided. How do you ask? Two words.

Rehearsal Dinner.

Now some of you may be rolling your eyes or shrugging your shoulders but read the following reasons and you’ll be reconsidering.

A rehearsal dinner can be held the night before the wedding and has become somewhat of a celebration of late when traditionally, it was a formality (think Pride & Prejudice). But why should you have one and what is its purpose? I’m glad you asked!

Give yourself some time out (plus, practice makes perfect!)

The rehearsal dinner gives you a chance to unwind from the wedding planning pressure and also provides the best opportunity to iron out all the little creases in the overall plan that you may not have even thought of!

Family Bonding with the wedding party

With the world becoming more globalised and our contacts spread out wide, the rehearsal dinner brings the wedding party and families together to connect and bond prior to the big day. On your big day there can be 100+ friends you have to tend to, so this dinner makes time for the all-important family celebration.

Everyone can get on the same page

By regrouping and nutting out all the little quirks of your venue, everyone can feel comfortable with being on the same page. Families can be aware of the formalities and no one will feel disengaged or left out on the big day.

Nut out any last-minute questions, queries or niggles

There’s always one more question, and one thing not worth the phone call a week ago. Your rehearsal dinner allows all the pending questions from the wedding party and any family members prior to the day. Where is the cake again? Where are the bathrooms? Who’s organising the rings to get to Tim? Oh crap, I nearly forgot that! We’ve all been there.

Gift Giving Opportunity

Wedding gift giving is such a precious moment of thankfulness and appreciation, why not share it with all your closest? Also helps make sure any sizing issues or small mishaps don’t kill the vibe on the morning of your wedding.

Keep the in-laws involved

Feeling like your partners parents haven’t had a lot to do or are feeling left out? The rehearsal dinner is traditionally organised by the parents of the groom so why not include them and let them be a part of your big day a little more? But be sure to let go of the reigns on this, remember it’s their gift to you!

It’s all about confidence baby!

By sorting out all the little questions and getting a feel for the big day, we can guarantee you that your confidence levels on the day will be skyrocketing (or as much as they can with the nerves!). Take the pressure off, regroup and stand tall with no worries in the world.


I bet this dinner is sounding like a good plan now hey. Well did you know The Pier Geelong can provide a private dining room to hire for your rehearsal dinner straight after a walk-through before the big day. Sound’s too easy doesn’t it? Well it is! Click through here to see how you can create your picture-perfect wedding by the bay come true.

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