Why A Christmas Party Is Important

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If there’s EVER been a year Geelong needs a workplace Christmas Party, 2020 is it!

What a crazy and unpredictable year 2020 has been so far! I don’t think we’ve ever been as excited to see the end of a year as much as we are to see 2020 come to a close. The end of the year is typically associated with the close of business for a Christmas and New Year’s break,  and with that comes a team Christmas party. And trust us, there’s never been more to celebrate than 2020 ending!

If your workplace has had to move to working from home over the past few months, no doubt your employees are starting to feel a bit disconnect from their co-workers and the workplace in general. As we see the government restrictions start to ease, and workplaces slowly but surely start to return to the office for the last half of 2020, we bet you’re trying to think of ways to re-engage and bring together your team (in a safe way of course!). What better way than a workplace end of year celebration!

We’ve outlined the top reason we believe you should be planning an employee Christmas party below:

The perfect thank-you

A Christmas party is the perfect way to thank your employees for their work during the year. It can also double as an awards evening if your workplace gives out yearly awards or annual recognition. It’s the perfect opportunity to publicly recognise the hard work your team has put in over the last 12 months.

Team bonding

This could arguably be the most crucial reason to plan a Christmas party. Given all your team has endured over the past few months, re-connecting at the end of it all to discuss how crazy the year has been can help you bring a smoother workflow back into the office come 2021. Christmas parties allow your team to get social in a less formal setting, with less strict expectations than office socialising and encourages better communication and a more friendly environment. As the saying goes, the team that plays together stays together!


Letting go of a stressful year all together can be a great way to get your team to reset before their holiday break. It’ll be a great motivation to come into 2021 with a positive attitude with a new appreciation for the workplace and management!

Reflect company values

Do your company values represent team spirit and positivity? A Christmas party is a great opportunity to reflect those company values and send a positive message to your team about your leadership style and the type of management you provide. It’s easy to forget what your workplace stands for after months of working from home, so a Christmas party is the perfect way to remind your team of the company values in a fun setting.


A Christmas party is a reward for the year of hard work and support. The appreciation your team will have for you throwing them a party goes beyond the event itself and contributes to company morale for months to come! Plus, who doesn’t love having fun?!


So, are you ready to get planning your end of year Christmas Party?! The Pier Geelong offers Christmas party packages starting at $54pp, check out all the details here.

With multiple function rooms available, there’s space to hold any size group, from 20 people to 500 people, while following social distancing guidelines.



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