7 Latest Tech Developments To Use At Your Next Corporate Event!

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With so many new tech products, applications and features coming into the market weekly it can get overwhelming when deciding what to incorporate into your next event. We’ve taken a look at the 7 most exciting and useful new tech developments that you can include at your next Pier conference, expo or meeting to make your event more tech savvy!

  1. Cumulus – a FREE mobile app for events

Make the most of this new and free technology for you next conference, meeting or event! Cumulus is a free mobile app that lets you communicate with event attendees prior to your event. You can upload and share your event agenda, offer downloads, key meeting information, topics you’ll cover at your event, as well as presentation details & guest speaker bios. You simply download the app, upload all your information and share the Event Key with attendees so they too can log in and review the information prior to, or during your event. Cumulus promises an easy to use interface that eliminates the need for endless print-outs.

2. Live Event Polls

There are HEAPS of emerging apps and website that allow live audience polling during your meeting or conference. Apps like Slido and Poll Everywhere allow attendees to respond to polls in real time, making it much easier for organisers to receive instant responses, increase engagement during presentations and get people involved in the content being shared. It’s also valuable for receiving immediate feedback at the conclusion of an event, rather than sending out post event email surveys that often get lost in an inbox.

3. Event Feed – Live social sharing 

Event Feed is a social media platform that collates all Twitter, Facebook & Instagram posts using your events hashtag and shares it on live feed screens around the venue. The benefits of including this app at your next event include creating brand awareness with your event hashtag and stimulating conversations online. Guests will love seeing their posts pop-up on the screens and your company can benefit from a boost in social media engagement!

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4. Live stream your event

Live broadcasting of events isn’t necessarily a new tech feature, but it is a growing one! More and more companies are choosing to live stream their events so those that can’t make it to the location can still be involved. Or, if your company has offices globally, all branches can be included in the event. Free streaming services are readily available, with Facebook Live, Instagram Live & dedicated apps such as Dreamcast offering an easy to use experience for both organisers and virtual attendees. Sharing your conference or meeting with anyone at anytime has never been easier!

5. Networking with apps

Networking is one of the most important parts of a large expo or conference as it gives different companies, or even different departments from your organisation, the chance to make new connections and generate new leads. Swapcard is an app that makes networking easy! Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Swapcard is a platform that allows you to engage, connect with and keep your attendees informed through push notifications; it’s a professional matchmaking tool for attendee networking and includes a private meeting scheduler to instantly organise meetings among attendees and new connections. It also benefits exhibitors at your event by helping them capture leads instantly and measure ROI in real time.

6. Chatbots making Q & A’s easier 

Chatbots have been around for years now, however utilising this technology for events is still a fairly new concept. Apps like Google’s Dialogflow use AI and machine learning to answer questions attendees may have before, during or after an event. Making use of chatbots to answer common questions, such as  ‘Is there parking available?’ or ‘How can I register for tickets?’, means your time is freed up to better focus on the upcoming event and not responding to the same questions time and time again. Most of these apps also offer analytical insights to help you understand what information attendees are looking for and better plan for future events.

7. Augmented Reality (AR) experiences

AR can help bring your event to life with interactive displays and projections. Apps like Zappar help create virtual displays from 2D pictures, where attendees can scan a display and watch it come to life on their phones. What makes this so excellent for events such as expos and product launches is that it eliminates the need to drag around large designs or models to present, as it’s all available on a smart device. It also creates a more interactive and engaging experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

What new tech features will you be including at your next event?

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